About – Reliability Improvement

We at Reliability Management Consultant Limited (RMCPL) help/facilitate our clients handle uncertainty of failure management confidently, efficiently and effectively through Maintenance Design:

1) Zero Unplanned Downtime and World Class OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) through Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) process:

What is RCM?

RCM is a structured maintenance design process that helps organisations design an effective maintenance plan that is consistently capable of significantly reducing unplanned downtime, increasing throughput and eliminating substantial levels of low value work and also improve inherent reliability of equipment and systems.

2) Setting up intelligent Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) Systems. 

Such systems are designed on the failure modes of a system. These therefore predict incipient failures with almost 100 % accuracy; inform Plant engineers as to how long the system can be run without undesirable consequences and allow maintenance planners to plan their jobs with precision (spares, manpower, time and effort needed), which can be executed efficiently during opportunities or during “production windows.”

3) Solving nagging and extremely difficult engineering problems — thus helping our clients improve their productivity and avoid unnecessary maintenance downtime and cost.

4) Improving Inherent Reliability of Systems at procurement stage or during scaling up of a plant. 

Performance of any engineered system would depend on the inherent reliability of the system, which is decided at the procurement stage. Lot of money and effort are needed to maintain a system during its operation and maintenance stage if care is not taken during the procurement stage to engineer a system with high inherent reliability. We help our clients achieve that through a carefully designed process that ensures high inherent reliability during operation stage. This lowers the Life Cycle Cost of operating and maintaining a system.

5) Setting up low cost & intelligent Internet of Things (IOT) systems for Industry 4.0.

Such systems not only gather data automatically and predict the presence of incipient failures accurately but also tell about the weakness of the system and how the weakness of a system can be eliminated or addressed to improve productivity, performance and profitability. This helps plant engineers and managers to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. This is done through building custom made “algorithms” whose design is based on the dynamic behaviour of the system, possible failure modes and consequence of suffering a failure.


For over 19 years we have facilitated more than 50 – best-in-class organizations in their improvement journey in the field of Failure Management and Failure Management through Maintenance Design, which helped us build our blemish free track record in the field of Productivity Improvement through Equipment Reliability and improving Life Cycle Costs.

Clients (partial list of a total of 89 clients)

National Thermal Power Corporation, Vikram Cement, Tata Metaliks Ltd, Tata Kubuto Pipes Limited, Tata Steel, Ultratech, JK Cement, Larsen & Toubro Ltd, Gujarat Cement Works, British Aerospace, WM Engineering of U.K., Les Moulins Mauritius, Qatar Petroleum, Digboi Refinery, Reliance Petrochem, Birla Cement Ravan, Hindalco, Indian Oil, Hindustan Unilever, Hirmi Cement Work, West Bengal Power Development Corporation, Tega Industries Limited, CFCL, Ballarpur Paper, Phoenix Conveyor Belt India (P) Ltd, Jindal Steel, Usha Martin, Vedanta Aluminum, British Oxygen, Maharashtra State Electricity Board, Tribeni Paper, Electrozavod, MM Aqua, Airovient, etc..

Dibyendu De
Reliability Management Consultant Pvt Ltd.
Phone: +91 9836466678


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