About Us

We at Reliability Management Consultant Limited (RMCPL) help our clients improve equipment and product reliability from its present level.

The process is named as RAPID Innovation (Reliability Availability Performance Improvement through Design Innovation.

This helps manufacturing companies to enhance, sustain and improve Productivity, Performance and Profitability of any manufacturing system on an on-going basis for years.

The theme of our consulting service is — Right data: Right interpretation: Right decisions


Collaborate — Discover the real issues through a structured data approach.

Innovate — Identify the hidden imperfections in the system, which causes breakdowns.

Automate — Take right and quick decisions through customised algorithms to prevent breakdowns

For over 22 years we have facilitated more than 50 – best-in-class organisations in their improvement journey to improve reliability and sustainability of their systems.

Clients (partial list of a total of 90 clients) —

NTPC, HZL, UltraTech, Birla Cement, Tata Metaliks, Tata Kubuto Pipes, Hindalco, Hindustan Unilever, JK Cement, Tega, IndianOil, British Aerospace, Les Moulins Mauritius, Qatar Petroleum, CFCL, Phoenix Conveyor, Jindal, Usha Martin, Vedanta, etc..

Dibyendu De
Reliability Management Consultant Pvt Ltd.
Phone: +91 9836466678

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