Solving Complex Engineering Problems is a way to improve reliability, availability and performance of complex engineered systems that are inherently unpredictable in their behavior and performance.

The methods and techniques that have developed by Dibyendu De, since 1980, are so special and unique that they give dramatic results in the shortest possible time with minimum effort and resources. Once done, it gives organizations ongoing benefits for years.

The foundation of De’s methods is based on the concepts of Self Organizing ability of complex systems since causes as well as clues to improvements and changes are hidden in the dynamics and design of any system.

Helping more than 50 – best-in-class organizations in their improvement journey, solving more than 10,000 Nagging problems through design innovation helped us build our blemish free track record over two decades. We have had trained over 8000 engineers and managers, in maintenance engineering and plant reliability improvement methods.

The guiding principles are:

1. All systems are constrained and enveloped by space and time fulfilling an intended function for a specified period of time.

2. Interactions between stimuli (both external and internal) and inherent structure of a system produce emergent behavior of any system.

3. Emergent behavior create stable and unstable events, failures, transformation and consequences.

4. By changing the stimuli, structure and/or the nature of the interactions we either improve or deteriorate the performance of any system.

These principles, help to:

1. Find Root Causes of failures

2. Improve existing systems

3. Design new systems

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