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We at Reliability Management Consultant Limited (RMCPL) help our clients apply Adaptive Maintenance for System Reliability (AMSR) to not only solve immediate problems but also to improve the reliability (improve MTBF) of the system by taking into account the dynamics of the system. This sustains Through Life Capability Readiness & Equipment Reliability — by addressing degradation due to AUDD (Age, Usage, Dynamics and Deployment). This is done through Adaptive Maintenance for System Reliability (AMSR) developed by us.

Low reliability of equipment causes enormous losses to a manufacturing organisation in terms of loss of productivity, material resources, environment damage and loss of life and assets. Our Adaptive Maintenance for System Reliability (AMSR) help organisations to gain on-going benefits in terms of improved productivity, performance and profitability.

So what is Adaptive Maintenance? Adaptive Maintenance helps engineers take timely decisions to make small but smart changes as the dynamics of the equipment, environment and context of operation change to make the system function reliably with a longer life-span.

Theme of Adaptive Maintenance: Failure is not an option: Traditional Maintenance practices are also not options.

We also offer online training/consulting in — a) Failure Analysis & Design Out Maintenance (DOM) b) Adaptive Maintenance for System Reliability c) Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM)

For over 24 years we have facilitated more than 50 – best-in-class organisations in their improvement journey to improve reliability of their equipment and their profitability.

Clients (partial list of a total of more than 100 clients) —

HZL, NTPC, UltraTech, Tega, Birla Cement, Tata Metaliks, Tata Kubuto Pipes, Hindalco, Hindustan Unilever, JK Cement, IndianOil, British Aerospace, Grasim, Indo-Rama, Les Moulins Mauritius, Qatar Petroleum, Vedanta, CFCL, Phoenix Conveyor, Jindal, Usha Martin, etc..

Dibyendu De
Reliability Management Consultant Pvt Ltd.
Phone: +91 9836466678

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