What Lovers of Complexity have in Common?

The discipline of Complexity is extremely cross disciplinary in nature.

However, the lovers of Complexity science share some common traits, which are:

a) A feeling for Movement. Usually such a feeling is embodied in the person developed through moment to moment awareness by paying attention.

b) A feeling for Flow. Usually they have an intuitive feel for velocity (speed), position and nature (divergence or convergence or incompressibility). This is also embodied by the person which is usually visible through her/his actions, behaviour, choices and general responses to a situation in hand.  Such a person does not hold onto concepts and ideas very rigidly.

c) A intuitive understanding of Patterns, Phases, Relations, Interconnectedness, Symmetries, Breakage of Symmetries, Amplification and Resonance.

d) A great feel for Non-linearity along with their readiness to deep dive to ‘see’ the invisible interconnected dependence of several non-linear phenomena at play, which often happens rather silently.

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