Lethargic Frog

“RGB waves” is one of the fundamental concepts of Nemetics. R wave represents Events that continually take place around us. The G wave represent Behavior that leads to various events. And the B wave represents the Collective understanding and wisdom that informs behavior of people. So in short, the B influences the G, which in turn influences the R. Most often we make people responsible for different events and therefore blame their behavior or character and then try our best to change their behavior or character. Little do we realize that behavior of people is dependent to a large extent on the collective wisdom of the crowd. Collective effect appears in various forms — collective intelligence, collective assumptions, collective hopes, dreams and aspiration, collective wisdom and understanding. The Nemetical view is to focus on the collective rather than on individual behaviors to bring about lasting and desirable change in communities and societies. Else stories like the following would keep repeating.


by Sitendu De

The journey began after passing from college. Rajesh was good in sports. He wanted to represent his country — India.  A job was haunting him. Constant jibes from his relatives disturbed him. His father was frail and weak. He had eight months left for his superannuation. Now they have to live off with the meager pension. Rajesh’s sister caught hold of a Chartered Accountant and trapped him in going through the ceremonial wedding rites. At least his sister saved quite a lot of her father’s money in the form of dowry and rather meaningless marriage rituals. She thought all which is needed was a license in the name of “marriage” which would permit two full grown adults of the opposite sex to “jump” into bed.

The eight hundred meters run was too grueling in the hot April sun. Rajesh only knew an appointment letter was waiting at the end of the race. Common people call it a “race”. The police and defense personnel call it “PET” or “Physical Efficiency Test”. Rajesh’s vision blurred. He remembered his torn canvas shoes which was hurting him. Its do or die for him. The white chalk mark came nearer. It was a long wait. He felt his lungs would blow off. Each one was motivating their loved ones. No one was there for Rajesh. His mother gave him twenty rupees for something to eat. He ran for his life. It finally ended. He came first.

Rajesh staggered to come down from the police vehicle. He had gulped six pegs of whiskey at the police station. The constable helped him to get down. Rang the door bell for Rajesh. The door was opened by Rajesh’s pretty wife. The constable bid him good bye. Their twelve years of marriage have slowly turned sour day by day. Today was also not an exception. This is Rajesh’s daily routine. Come back home from Police station by midnight. Change to sparkling overalls which his dedicated wife lays out for him like an exhibition. Eat food like a scavenger. Lunges himself on his wife. The whole “act” doesn’t last for a minute. Rolls over and start snoring like a pig.

The cell phone plays a “bhajan” song. Rajesh’s wife holds the phone near him so that he can hear the ringtone. Sleepily Rajesh answers the phone—“haloooo”.
Constable Rana whispers— “Sir, one bastard has written something on a computer”.

Rajesh—- “What, how can someone write and deface our police station computers”

Rana — “No Sir, that bastard has written on a computer where everybody can see”.
Rajesh — “Oh internet?’
Rana — “Don’t know sir, but he has written something bad against our own Father & Mother.
Rajesh —- “what –the bastard has abused your parents and mine?”

Rana— “No sir, not our parents, but about our official parents”

Rajesh—“I want to see what that son of bitch has written”

Rana — “Sir, don’t know exactly what he has written, but the MLA Sahib was telling —he saw it Face book.”

Rajesh—-“I don’t know how these things work, all these Face books and Hip books are all invention of today’s smart kids who pretend they know everything. When MLA Sahib is telling then it is a serious matter, Have you noted down that bastard’s address.”

Rana— “Yes Sir”

Rajesh—“Go immediately and arrest him under IT Act 66A.” I am coming after one hour. I will do the rest. After the arrest you immediately inform me so that I can phone MLA Sahib first then if necessary to SSP Sahib”

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