When you must leave a team?

When you must leave a team?

The simple answer is when you don’t see your reflection in the team any more.

That is —

a) when no one is paying attention to what you are feeling, thinking or doing.

b) when others are not interested in playing with you — with the ideas you are trying to evolve, new directions you are trying to set.

c) when team members fail to reflect your excitement and joy of creation or the diligence of getting things done.

d) when team mates consistently fail to respond to reality or fail to respond to the weak signals in the environment that would soon grow big.

Leaving teams is as important as joining teams. This is because it is important to stay alive.

3 thoughts on “When you must leave a team?

  1. Your post on separating from partnerships that no longer serve any purpose is very timely as January’s stars show:

    The Juno-Venus-Pluto synthesis is key for partnerships of all types. It may catalyze a deep and honest re-examination of our relations, demanding we live with greater integrity to the naked truth revealed. Vesta and Jupiter, both retrograde, magnify and mobilize the need to either refocus our commitment in partnerships or to honor incompatibility and to part ways.


    1. Thanks a lot for your post. This post was based on a practical case that came to me for a resolution. The post was the outcome of my paying attention to the problem at hand and allowing universal consciousness to step in for an effortless understanding of the case.


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