What Happens When We Fail to Notice?

This is an excellent story of what happens when big players fail to notice the potential of small niche innovators in the market

Arie Goldshlager (@ariegoldshlager) tweeted at 10:35 PM on Sat, Mar 30, 2013: The Blockbuster Innovator’s Dilemma http://t.co/EvFafsUD8L #innovation (https://twitter.com/ariegoldshlager/status/318046359682945024)

A number of things might happen:

1. While you are ignoring; the niche market player might develop the market under your very eyes to the ‘tipping point’ which might topple the Goliath.

2. The attitude of ignoring might serve as an authentic constraint for the small players to innovate as nobody’s business against authentic constraints. Authentic Constraints never pose a dilemma for innovators. It usually makes them better.

3. The very act of not noticing informs innovators about the assumptions the big players are relying upon to work and the emerging patterns they are missing out since they devote more time consolidating  leadership positions in an uncertain market.

Are their any more advantage for innovators?

One thought on “What Happens When We Fail to Notice?

  1. Oddly, Microsoft never did topple IBM, and then they turned into a ‘big bully’ themselves and squashed all sorts of other players.

    And while we are often ‘screaming’ at companies for things that need ‘fixing’ (only no one is listening), I’ve also found that they frequently have no means to listen and even if they did, no ability to make the changes. And at other times they are too busy fixing the symptoms of the thing that they’re ignoring 🙂


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