A review – “Winning Anywhere – The Power of ‘See’ – The Nemetics Way

After submitting my manuscript to my publisher, I shared the manuscript of my book, ‘Winning Anywhere – The Power of ‘see’ – The Nemetics Way to one of my good friends, Mr. D. C. Padhi.

After a few days, he shot back an email with his review, which I wanted to share, with his permission.

Review of the book, expected in print in the next 5/6 weeks — [‘Winning Anywhere – the Power of ‘See” is now available on Amazon.com  http://tinyurl.com/o4q8kxq  (paperback) and would soon be available on Flipkart as ebook.]


Saw through the manuscript. Congrats on writing your first book and handing over to the publishers. This is going to be very very unique book for Indian readers. This is in form of short stories. There has been many books of short stories by many authors, however all stories are based on the same type of emotions. Your book is totally different in that aspect. Every story would invoke a different emotion of the reader and would offer the reader a different challenge. Yes, challenge–that is the most imp factor in the book. It would challenge the conventional thinking of the readers. Hence honestly I am little apprehensive if readers would be willing to face that challenge. Though most of the book has already been read by me from your blog, the book in its final form would surely be one of my handbook for the rest of my life. I have to start the study again and again from the beginning. The challenge would always remain to see coherence among the many non-coherent stories of the book, to see the central theme or the essence of the book which is made from many stray stories. The book would keep on asking me for the rest of my life ‘Can u really see?’. And whenever I would be able to see something in the journey of life I would recall the book and say to myself ‘Yes, this is the power of see”


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