Authentic Leadership

In response to my blog post on ‘Watching Desires‘ my colleague Michael Josefowicz remarked, 

“the first necessary condition to start the journey towards liberation by paying attention to our thoughts, emotions, desires, personality, actions etc. It should neither be too tight nor loose. In that way we experience life through the music that it produces. That is how one engages with life.”

I might add our own failures. I’m thinking of all the policy makers who look for the answers to public and organizational problems in others. Leaders who look for “better workers” or “more efficient technology.” Anything but how they can learn from their own failures.”

That is one of the great blind spot of a leader. 
Any well intentioned leader starts his journey by understanding and facing his own failures. Blaming others is a sure sign of weakness or cunning. That is inauthentic leadership. 
However, facing one’s own failures of the mind calls for a great deal of courage, patience, perseverance and the power of ‘see’. 
It is neither too easy nor too difficult. 
It is the hallmark of authentic leadership. 
And it is worth its weight in gold! 

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