A public discourse on The Power of ‘SEE’ – The Nemetics Way


A national conference on Asset Management towards Zero Breakdown was organized by Quality Council Forum of India, Mumbai Chapter on 21st and 22nd of February 2014 at Mumbai. It was sponsored by Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers Limited (RCF).  I was invited to present a paper on achieving zero failures  through minimal design intervention based on the Power of ‘See’ — the Nemetics Way.


Having tea in the breakfast session of the conference with Mr. Ray (0n my right), a QCFI member.


The audience (about 100 strong)


Opening my presentation — telling stories from my forthcoming book ‘Winning Anywhere – The Power of ‘See’ – the Nemetics Way.


The author’s photograph that goes with the book, which incidentally is also my profile pic on twitter.


Engaging delegates in dialogs over the stories told; allowing them to form their own perceptions and exchange those with others.


It was about fun, flow, movement, improvisation and emotions.


Engaging delegates to take part in the process of ‘seeing’ the invisible in the form of ‘energy flow’, ‘oscillations’ & ‘interactions.’


The parting message with the path —  a) Listen to NEME stories b) Learn the NEME mantra c) Apply it and be free. As I rose to leave, a spontaneous standing ovation followed. This surprised & overwhelmed me.


Offer: Buy one copy — get a big Thank You. Buy two copies — get a big Hug! ‘Winning Anywhere – the Power of ‘See” is now available on Amazon.com  http://tinyurl.com/o4q8kxq  (paperback) and would soon be available on Flipkart as ebook.


Receiving a fine memento in form of a plaque from Mr. Bharati, Chairman of QCFI, Mumbai Chapter and Mr. Potdar, Council Member of QCFI, Mumbai Chapter — two of the finest gentlemen I have met. They offered me a life membership of the Quality forum, which I gracefully accepted with a big Thank You. This was followed by my chairing a session on Reliability Management.


A group photograph with the Mr. Abir Banerjee, ED of RCF and other dignitaries.

Tentative Future Plan with QCFI, Mumbai Chapter:

Open a cell for Nemetics Study with the aim of applying the Nemetic way to — a) Asset Management towards zero failures b) Leadership & Manufacturing Strategy c) Special skills Training in the Manufacturing sector d) Re-Design of Products, Machines, Process and Systems in the manufacturing sector.

Acknowledgement: QCFI, Mumbai Chapter truly lived up to their reputation of quality. The whole conference went off without a glitch. It was seamlessly smooth and effective. The delegates left with hope and smiles on their faces.

Photo credits: Mr. Ashesh Ghose, MD of Rollspack, Mumbai and Dr. Tarapada Pyne, VP Tech of JSW Ispat.

3 thoughts on “A public discourse on The Power of ‘SEE’ – The Nemetics Way

  1. Dr. Tarapada Pyne

    Very nice! It was wonderful moment indeed and we enjoyed learning, as if we were known to each other since long! Waiting to be together in near future.


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