Another review of the book: “Winning Anywhere – the Power of See”

It always feels so nice to receive with grace & humility any unsolicited appreciation about one’s work.

Here is one – as a review of my book, ‘Winning Anywhere — the Power of ‘See.’


Seeing is Winning

I was most fortunate to spend a delightful, and insightful, week end with Dibyendu De. Yet, turning the last page of his latest publication “Winning Anywhere, the Power of See the NEME way” was rather bittersweet. Happy as a school girl to have spent my week end in such great didactic company and saddened to have my studies end (at least for now).
In this first installment Dibyendu De opens the door to the International Nemetic Institute by bringing us to the understanding of N-E-M-E, an anagram for Notice, Engage, Mull, and Exchange. This new paradigm on emergent change teaches a broader way to approach wicked problems and apply that knowledge in a most practical way. Don’t be fooled by the apparent small size of this 184 page paperback and don’t be tempted to skim over a single word. These covers are packed full of comprehensive information presented layer upon layer to insure that not the smallest drop of knowledge will be lost.

“Winning Anywhere the Power of See the N-E-M-E Way” is a power tool and Dibyendu De delivers it to us with grace, care and attentive mindfulness.
The N-E-M-E paradigm is a practical and in depth assessment of how we interact emotionally, cognitively and physically with complex adaptive systems with the intent to solve inherent issues without impeding the adaptive flow of those systems.
In an effort to pique the curiosity of those whom may feel that this is a conversation left only to the engineers in the room, I will quote directly from this edition – “. . . the very act of paying attention is something like flow. It is not fixed or static . . . but like all flows, the flow can be impeded or stopped by artificial constraints we set up through our mental filters of likes, dislikes. . . when this happens we lose our agility”
As we all know, agility is our new socio-epistemological buzz word, regardless of the industry or discipline you may find yourself working in. If one hasn’t got ‘cognitive agility’ one might as well stay home.

So, to my artist friends, I ask that you put down any preconceived notions of being undone by anything an engineer has to say. To my engineer friends I say the same, put down any preconceived notions you may hold about new ideas and concepts. Read with abandon, read with curiosity, read with a spirit of adventure. You’ll be happy for it at the end. Which will become the beginning.

Thank you Dibyendu, I am also grateful for the first and most important note . . . enjoy your tea.

Dawn Boehmer
Design Director at


I am grateful to my readers.

Thank you so much.

Note: Apart from paperback and hardcover editions, you may get the Kindle edition here:

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