The Search – 3 – Discovering

Any good work of art; such as, a painting; frees the viewer to dance over the entire composition instead of being constrained to one particular spot or one view.

That is how a skillful artist engages a viewer to his/her work.

By doing so, the viewer is allowed to see the whole, connect different parts of the picture and without taking out anything out of the picture, form his/her opinion; thus enhancing learning and understanding of the world one is engaged in.

Similarly, a good novel or a good story does the same.

Likewise, a liberating piece of analysis or a great scientific paper does exactly the same.

And a great dialog fulfills the same goal.

Anything that is illuminating — helping one to see, focus, look at and discover a part of himself/herself or helping one to be truly inspired is simply great work.

Through such work one can be engaged with the world at the highest level.

Can we think of some examples of such engagements?



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