A letter from a friend

This letter is from a friend of thirty eight years. He wrote this after reading my book —

Winning Anywhere-the Power of “See.”

My Dear Dibu, After a long wait the book was delivered. The wait did me a favour in terms of arousing curiosity as well as an urge to devour the contents at the first sight. But I preferred to go slow and it was worth. I don’t know how to and what to talk about the book-it was so enlightening and refreshing. I have never come across a book which deals with power of mind in such a lucid manner without jargon and preaching. You deserve my first hug on this. The stories from mythology and old teachings used in the narration seamlessly fits into the scheme of thoughts and strengthen the focus and understanding to a great extent.

We as human being are groomed and tutored to see objects separated from the whole scheme of things thus missing the whole for the sake of parts. Its similar to judging a person by his actions on a particular instant without trying to understand the situation in totality which has compelled him to behave in a particular manner. This reminds me of the story about a person in a park sitting unmindful of the noise  created by his two young sons playing around and disturbing others. Irritated by his indifferent attitude, one person who was not able to concentrate on a book he was reading,   complained to the father demanding that he would better control his sons. This was an immediate reaction of anger based on what he saw through the eyes without applying mind. But his reaction changed when he came to know that the young boys have just lost their mother and were returning from the funeral with their father. The anger was replaced by sorrow and deep sympathy and the noise created by the sons no more disturbed him. How was this possible? Its our mind which lets us see the whole. Mind trained with NEMEtics develops the skill to see the whole and the divide between inner and external materialistic world exists no more. This is what our philosophy terms as state of bliss where one remains in pure ‘Ananda’.

To me the book essentially deals with seeing through the mind beyond the normally visible frame captured by the eyes. The book is best described in your own words ‘…there is no divide between our inner world and the external world. The secrets of both worlds can only be revealed through the power of ‘seeing’ or paying attention by a still mind…..the divisions that we create between materialism and spirituality and our inner world and the external  world are all in the mind, which stops us from seeing anything as an indivisible whole.’

The successful application of the principles of NEMETICS not only to an individual but to society and organization, as dealt in your book through examples and personal experience, is an eye opener and will go a long way in shaping the future.
Before I conclude, let me tell you frankly that the book could not fully quench my thirst rather it created in me a renewed urge to know more about each of the elements covered in your book with similar narrations and wonderful stories. Looking forward to more such creations from you……..A big HUG for you and Madhumita and my regards for Mesho and Mashi….  Yours forever-Gautam

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