Yet another letter from a friend.

Here is yet another letter from a friend after he read the book Winning Anywhere – the Power of ‘See’:

“Thank you once again for writing a book, preserving your experiences and knowledge for the next generations to come.   You may be surprised that why I am mentioning next generations.

Knowledge at your level is special because, it is an assimilation of experience, knowledge, thoughts, theories, experiments, results and many other factors which form a unique combination.   Your thoughts can be shared, discussed, experimented and  experienced while you are around.  May be I am one of such lucky persons, who can proudly say, you are my guru.

When you are not around it is this book and many more books which you will write to keep the thoughts in the pages and enlighten the next generations.

Awaiting many more gems from you.

with regards,


Dated: 7th April 2014


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