If you visit my den…

Friends who visit me in my den (actually my studio), where I write, paint, consult and think over difficult problems, have strange feelings, most of which are rather pleasant.

Here is one of my old friends who wrote to me the other day about his feelings —

“I usually cross Dhakuria Bridge and take a right turn. Immediately able to feel few additional springs get activated underneath the sole. Makes my heavy frame bit lighter. Feel continues till the door-step & pressing the bell. Sensory organs gets relaxed. The aroma of the room fills my nostrils. Mostly smells that of a family room, at times smell like a bachelor’s den. Smoke engulfs the room. Words & topics do not restrict themselves. Mind becomes mindless. Amidst all these and Clucky’s (pet) joyous overture then wrestling, feeling that emanates is a rich blend of  “Power of See”  and “Creativity” in its “Winning Ways” ……… AR………………………”

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