Quantum Theory & Nemetics

Bohr once remarked about old wisdom – “that when searching for harmony in life one must never forget that in the drama of existence, we are ourselves both players and spectators.”

That in essence, sums up Quantum Theory.

From this, it is rather obvious that complexity in our lives is only generated by the interactions of players and spectators.

Or in other words, it depends on the way we ‘see’ (spectator) and the way we play out on what we see. It is then about an individual and his or her relationship with oneself, the environment, other individuals and the world at large.

That is what the discipline of Nemetics is about – the individual as a player and spectator in search of harmony in life.

Therefore, it involves the stages of Notice (role of a spectator); Engage, Mull & Exchange (role of a player).

Hence a NEME is an energy packet that encapsulates an individual’s role in the overall scheme of interlinked and collective existence: both as a spectator and a player, influencing each other.

To elaborate further:

Notice is about ‘seeing’ beyond what our senses help us perceive.

Engage is about skillful handling of our emotions to interact with something of our choice.

Mull is about choosing skillful actions suitable for a given context or situation.

Exchange is about applying such skillful actions to design appropriate communication for interaction (player).

If this be so, then an individual is made up of a body that includes the mind, both individual and shared, where the two interact within and without to communicate with oneself and others through various creative expressions, actions and objects.

In short, a human life is all about personal transformation in a Quantum field where the self is only a linked shape moving through the field of flow and energy — learning, unlearning, transforming continually through ‘seeing’ and ‘communicating’ till one realizes the reality of becoming both a ‘spectator’ and a ‘player’ — where the entire universe is within one that allows one to act on the entire universe.


Ref: Winning Anywhere – the Power of ‘SEE’



3 thoughts on “Quantum Theory & Nemetics

  1. This is starting to build a platform for seeing for me … genetics of participation. I have a 3rd and 4th draft model now … spawning and fairness context … or not, implicit to the actions and explicit to the seeker.


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