Personal Transformation — A Nemetical Approach

We are always in the midst of changes.

That is the fundamental reality from which every other thing happens.

It has no fixed image. It has no fixed direction. It comes from ‘nowhere’. It goes ‘nowhere’.  It is always in a state of flux. So none can put a permanent meaning to it.

The whirlpool of changing phenomena is created through interactions of flux fields.

Such fields connect everything to everything to create an intricate web of relationships.

Interactions happen between all relationships.

Such interactions form the fundamental level of communication.

In this flux of continual changes we are both players and spectators of the changes.

Such changes manifest as events.

We create those events through our behavior and actions.

Our behavior is governed by our intentions.

Our Intentions are generated by our skills: Noticeornot, Engageornot, Mullornot, Exchangeornot (NEME) that give rise to either Skillful Actions or Unskillful Actions.

Quality of NEME is dictated by the quality of our four human faculties — Feeling, Imagination, Thinking,  Actions, where Feeling is the secret Key. Imagination is the Creator, Thoughts are Gifts and Actions form changing Reality.

The process of developing those faculties is: Love yoked to Respect and Reason.

The underlying mechanism of yoking Love, Respect and Reason is through the Power of See. The goal is to go beyond the present consciousness and see things anew to continually expand consciousness to its highest potential.

Power of See is developed through the knowledge in Arts, Science, Engineering, Technology, Mathematics, Communications and Design.

The undesirable or inauthentic constraints to ‘Seeing’ are formed from products of conditioned existence.

The method of eliminating such constraints of conditioning is through Memory, Discernment, Merger and Action.

The unconditioned self is the liberated self — empty of all conditioning, that constantly adapts and/or adjusts to changes.

When we adapt or adjust our selves to the environment; the environment also adjusts and adapts to our liberated consciousness.

Then higher levels of communication take place — inducing desirable flows.

It is creative. It is original. It delights. It is liberating.

One liberated self liberates many selves through sharing.


Ref: Winning Anywhere – the Power of See

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