Nemetic Process of Teaching and Learning


Just concluded a certification course on Vibration Analysis, Category II, at Power Management Institute (PMI) of National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) from 1st Sept to 4th Sept 2014.

The course centered around solving complex machinery problems, using Vibration Analysis as a tool. In this course the principles of complexity science are used in gaining insights to understand complex behavior of machines and processes.

It proved to be an intense learning experience for the participants. And I was more than happy to see my teaching methods work in such a ‘learning’ environment, which may be described by the following steps.

Step 1:

Excite people to Notice principles of a subject through stories. The teacher tells his own stories rather than ask participants to solve some set problems from a book.

Step 2:

Give participants resources to Engage with their own problems. These are usually in form of written materials, links and books to refer to in order to search for relevant materials to address their own problems.

Step 3:

Help them Mull over their understanding (the choices they make regarding their problems) through self study and peer learning.

Step 4:

Let them Exchange their understanding of their own stories in form of presentations made to a larger group of people. The group interacts with the participants. Through that process more value is added to their understanding and wisdom.

This in short is the Nemetic process of teaching and learning. It pays attention to individual’s need for learning and understanding, which is taken into consideration during evaluation.

The Nemetic process is a continual process of learning, forgetting & relearning.

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