5 Pillars of Nemetics

There are five pillars of Nemetics on which the whole discipline keeps evolving organically. Primarily, these are not about tools and techniques but flexible ways to move and develop our faculties of Seeing (Notice), Feeling (Engage), Thinking (Mull) and Doing (Exchange). The N, E, M, E come together to form a NEME, which is the central theme of Nemetics.

The discipline of Nemetics is flexible enough to be applied to any field of human experience and activity. It does not matter whether one applies it to industrial settings or applies it to study political economy or architecture or marketing or entrepreneurship.

The Five Pillars are the following: (Fingers are used as metaphors for the five pillars)

1. RGB waves: (The Little Finger — small but significant basis of anything)

It helps us understand any phenomenon happening around us in the the material world.

R wave represents ‘events’ that take place around us.

G wave represents the ‘behavior(s)’ of human beings and of systems that initiate any event.

B wave stands for ‘intentions’ and ‘beliefs’ that lead to particular behaviors which precipitate ‘events.’

This principle is applicable for generation of any complex event or system and hence useful for understanding any complex system.

The R, G, B waves of individuals and systems are constantly interacting with RGB waves of other interdependent individuals, systems and the environment to create dynamic complexity.

2. Insights: (The Ring Finger — an embodied Mind working in expanded field of consciousness)

Insights from one complex system can be easily transferred from one domain of application to issues in another domain. Nemetics offers possibility of transfer of insights from one domain to another to deal with multiple issues in diverse environments, applications and domains.

3. 3M: Micro, Meso and Macro (The Middle Finger — the center of all things)

This principle is used to understand operation of any complex system.

The idea is to look at the Meso level of anything and then go one level up to see what the constraints are and how do they develop and then see one level below to discover the energy that keeps the system alive and running to transform.

For example, if we look at a family (Meso level) we see that constraints are created by the community or society (Macro) and the energy that keeps the family going is provided by the members of the family (Micro). However, this can be seen in multiple dimensions.

It is same for any complex system.

4. Flow: (The Index Finger — Pointing new directions)

The goal of Nemetics is to create flow against constraints.

This may be done in three ways, which are:

a) Achieving flow by eliminating, resolving or dissolving constraints. This is the most difficult approach to living. This needs least of human skill since it is based on individual or collective fear, fights, struggles, changes in policies and rules.

b) Achieving flow by adaptation to constraints. This is an easier approach to living and requires medium skill since it is based on understanding, consensus and strategies aimed at exploiting the constraint in various ways and/or improving resilience.

c) Achieving flow within gaps found in spiralling complexity. This is the easiest approach to living but calls for greatest human skill. This is because it is based on quick understanding of contexts, sensing the gaps in a wink, rapid adaptation and learning on the go. When viewed it appears effortless and easy.

5. Mindfulness: (The Thumb — without which we can’t do anything effectively)

Mindfulness is the foundation on which ways of Seeing, Feeling, Thinking and Doing are effortlessly changed, developed and enhanced. No Theory, No Belief, No Program, No System, No Dogmas need be followed. The output is always self organizing where the quality of the output depends on the expansion of consciousness.

Nemetics can be understood and practised in different ways depending on one’s level of understanding and consciousness.

However Nemetics is based on the foundation of “No Hatred, No Ill-feeling, No Stealing, No Harm, No Delusion, No Wrong Doing.”

Note: There are tools, techniques and body of knowledge within Nemetics that help application of the above pillars in any human activity.

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