Mindfulness in Nemetics

Developing Mindfulness is an essential skill in Nemetics.

But why Mindfulness is so important? The simple idea is to be ‘just yourself; doing just what you do well enough by relaxing, paying attention and being aware.’

Hence I searched for the right resource for developing this essential skill. And serendipitously found this wonderful resource, which is clear, simple, short and to the point:

Buddha in Blue Jeans

An Extremely Short Simple Zen Guide to Sitting Quietly & Being a Buddha

Written by Tai Sheridan

Having studied and practiced mindfulness a little over 35 years I find this book talking straight to the heart.

The line in the book that I loved most was: “You will learn this sitting quietly.” What might be easier than that? And we get so much in the bargain, considering we learn to:

1. Be Quiet
2. Care for the body
3. Accept our Feelings
4. Give space to our thoughts
5. Accept and get over pains
6. Know who we are
7. Learn to live each moment well
8. Love with abandon
9. Learn to listen
10.Be surprised
12.Be grateful
13.Do no harm
14.Help others and benefit life

Big deal!!

However, the best part is: the book Buddha in Blue Jeans is available for free as a kindle edition.

Hope you would enjoy it too.

Ref: 5 Pillars of Nemetics

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