An Introduction to Google Hangout on #Power of See

 @PredictSwan on G+ hangout on Nov 21! 6 pm Barcelona Time.


 For a lucky few life is simple. For the rest it was never so.  0ver time it becomes more a more complex that defies straight and simple answers. Such complexity impacts our personal and professional lives.

How do we embrace and engage with such complexity? Fortunately, we all have a skill to do so. It is neither easy nor difficult. But what is the skill and what is so difficult about it?

The skill lies in  the way we ”see” through complex issues.

But what makes “seeing” difficult? There is a saying which is: “Eyes see what the mind knows.” Same goes for all our other senses. So, how do we see differently to create new knowledge and action?

This is where “Power of See” kicks in; helping us “win” in any context or situation.

Win means

1.See with great clarity

2. Gain insights

3. Create choices

4. Act effortlessly on the most appropriate choices to create new reality.

In simple terms the important skills needed to develop the power of see are the following:

1. Science & art of relaxation

2. Science & art of paying attention

3. Science & art of expanding awareness

4. Science & art of action

I believe these skills can be developed and honed by anyone.

I also believe that these skills are applicable to any field of human activity and profession .

And I definitely believe that on a personal level these skills help improve or sustain – a) health b) family & friends c) professional excellence

I conclude by highlighting:

1. Attention matters. The quality of our attention is the intentional unapologetic discriminator that decides whether we survive and thrive or lose out and die.

2. ” The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses – behind the lines . in the gym and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.” – Muhammad Ali

This in brief, is the discipline and practice of NEMETICS, which has a code called N. E. M. E which stands for Notice or not; Engage or not; Mull or not; Exchange or not. That is the “mantra” -a new one , if I may say so.

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