Another Response of a Reader of my book Powerofsee

 This is a letter I received this morning from a friend and business associate after he went through my book — Winning Anywhere — the Power of See :


I enjoyed, engrossed, contemplated and  in the process lost in thoughts after going thru first few chapters of your book power of see ….

I was not moving as quickly as  thru words , lines and pages of your book , and that is the time started noticing  what was in it and what it means and got deeply engaged … Yet to mull and exchange ..

Thank you for gifting it .. In knowingly or subconsciously  or both I was doing it some times in some areas on some encounters ..may not be that deep…that structured .. That detailed … That focus …

I am thanking God this morning for giving such great friend and business associate…

observe thing with calm mind ! Essence of the fist few chapters 

Thank you For introducing NEME.




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