Are ideas really worth 2 Cents?

Ideas are the most profound of products that we as humans generate and possibly the most democratic of all the activities that we ever undertake. The good thing is this is perhaps the only area of human activity where each one of us is “Simply brilliant.” No doubts about that.

Ideas are the fundamental building blocks of creativity. Without such building blocks there would be no stories, no films, no painting, no great scientific discovery, no great analysis or a fine innovation.

Though no one is quite sure about how ideas are generated, idea generation strangely follows some “special laws” which are as follows:

  1. We don’t need any special permission from bosses, spouse, children, friends to come up with a good idea.
  2. This can be done anywhere at anytime without the help of any special gadgets, equipment, environment or even prior practices of any kind.
  3. It can be done in all conceivable positions — sitting down, standing up, standing on your head, lying down, having lunch, strolling in the park or making love in bed.
  4. The best ideas are usually generated even when we are actually not thinking about anything in particular. We can truly celebrate our freedom to conjure up ideas from nowhere — a great luxury.
  5. Generation of ideas does not depend on race, gender, creed, colour, or age. It is truly global and liberating.
  6. And if an idea blossoms at the right place in the right time then of course it holds the raw power to change the course of human history.
So, are ideas really worth 2 cents?

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