Strategy Selection against Failure Modes

In a certain mining company of South Africa the Maintenance Planners chose the following Maintenance Strategies against the failure modes experienced in a crusher.

Failure ModesMaintenance Strategy
High pressure before filterPM
Pipe chockedCorrective
Flow Switch openPM
Thermal TripDOM
Leaking Grease pipeCBM
Low Pressure of oil before filterPM
Oil Flow lowPM
Blocked ChuteCorrective
Lub Pump TrippedCorrective
Low Bearing TemperaturePM
Communication not receivedDOM
Bolts of Top Shell looseCorrective
Motor TrippedCorrective
Speed Switch OpenPM
Crusher OverloadCorrective
High Oil TemperaturePM

Would you agree with the selection of maintenance strategy? What is the critical piece of information the maintenance planners were missing?

PM = Preventive Maintenance
Corrective = Repair or Restore
DOM = Design Out Maintenance
CBM = Condition Based Maintenance


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