It always feels good to get an unsolicited appreciation for one’s work. Here are 26 of such appreciations:

1. “Dibyendu is a colleague I’ve been happy to keep in touch with and recommend over the 20 years since we met at Wolfson Maintenance (WM Eng). He has a creative and innovative approach to engineering, maintenance management techniques, and optimization, and shares the desire to impart that knowledge and experience in an interesting and effective manner.”

Simon Mills, ISO/BINDT Cat 4 Vibration Analyst and Trainer, Chairman BSI GME 21/7 – Condition Monitoring Standards, Visiting Faculty, University of Manchester, U.K.

2. “I worked with Dibyendu when he was leading consultancy services for the Indian Institute of Production Management. We worked together to successfully take the vision of maintenance and asset management excellence to industrial organizations across India.
Dibyendu is a creative, inspiring, enthusiastic and committed leader who brings a passion to everything he does. I strongly recommend his services to organizations looking to achieve a step change in performance or trying to solve apparently insolvable problems.”

Dr. Ian Kennedy, Partner, Business Transformation, Arcadis.

3. “Dibyendu De, a true Philosopher of Reliability Management of modern manufacturing industries today. A new dimension of management of industrial assets is evolved by him through the RAPID innovation process. A preacher of management of reliability, in-built reliability, via the path of solutions through the use of fundamental design concepts and by managing knowledge of people in allowing them to innovate in an environment of innovation.”

Dr. T. Pyne, Reliability, Diagnostics and Knowledge Manager

4. “Dibyendu De has been a great consultant in reliability in a plant, equipment as also business processes with a difference. He has been ever venturing into newer horizons exiting from the frequently treaded tracks. He has been the pioneer in this country in bringing western concepts by first mastering them and then adding his own innovativeness to enrich them and make them suitable to the Indian culture and psyche. His strong design background makes it easy for him to identify and rectify design deficiencies which are not so obvious to the usual Maintenance experts. I have been in touch with him since my days at Tata Metaliks Kharagpur which has been greatly benefitted by his unique approach to Plant reliability.”

Supriya Bandyopadhyay
Authorized JIPM TPM Instructor
Earlier GM with Tata Steel and Tata Metaliks

5. “I felt proud in writing a recommendation about the persona Mr. De, Indeed his style of working not like mere a consultant rather an analyst. His way of analyzing blended with creativity and innovation is really unique of its kind. He has an entirely different approach to see the problem. We analyze any problem with engineering & technical knowledge he solves it by applying Nature’s principal. The solutions are not to correct or rectify the fault rather, by providing innovation design thoughts which will not only solve the problem but improve the productivity and performance.
Finally, I will say it is not possible to explain his works in word but what I envisage is that his contribution and vision to Industries will be seen even after centuries to come.”

Gulrez Azam
Planning Leader at SABIC Maintenance Efficiency Improvement.

6. “Dibyendu’s ability to think out-of-the-box, is what makes him successful in solving problems – be it Technical, Organizational, Human or a complex mix of it all…he uses his ‘third eye’ which I see as a great strength of his to look at issues from entirely different perspectives and which then provides him multiple alternatives to pick from…A true professional and a great business partner…”

J.K. Kar, Ex V.P, Larsen & Toubro Ltd.

7. “I respect him for his consistent and reliability engineering management guidelines. We learned from this ever-smiled person how to teach always with an example.”

Sudip Das, Techno-Commercial Manager, Tata Metaliks

8. “During my tenure in RMC, I had worked with Mr. Dibyendu De very closely. We visited several manufacturing sites together, viz. Usha Martin, Indal, Tata Metaliks, Tega Industries and alike where he had varied consulting assignments like improving equipment reliability, reduce downtime, improving overall plant’s productivity, troubleshoot critical faults, reduce maintenance costs etc. With his profound knowledge and a unique insight, he could resolve hundred percent of all the shop-floor problems and that too by simple, innovative and cost-effective solutions. He has a remarkably clinical eye when it comes to machines, and I have seen him diagnosing problems like an expert doctor does for humans.

Apart from being a brilliant consultant, he is also an excellent trainer and a writer. He was my mentor who provided me with both theoretical and practical domain knowledge to perform my role in software development.

Overall, he belongs to the finest class of innovative thinkers in the area of Reliability Engineering and Management.”

Tirtha Dasgupta, Delivery Head, Cybage

9. “Were it not for both of Dibyendu’s foresight to bring new solutions to his customers and/or his willingness to participate in interesting conversations, we would not have had the opportunity to work together to help Tega Industries dabble in Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration technologies and mindsets.

What I was able to witness when I got to visit the client in India was their deep respect for his advice on all sorts of topics (mostly logistical), but also to see him offer the oddest observations (as in, “who would have noticed that and how would they have known the cause or how it might be readily fixed/changed?”) without hesitation. This wasn’t just someone blathering about the incidental — these were major impacts to the workers or the company, but things that were fixable, if only someone has the time and a few resources to do so. And the client generally did just that.”

Paula Thornton, Senior Market Insurance Specialist, and Design Thinker

10. “I did not typically”hire” Prof.De. As a Deputy Director in the CII Leadership Centre, we were looking to engage a Design Expert and Whole Systems Master Consultant from overseas for some niche projects and were frustrated at the rates they were commanding, when we “discovered” that we could actually reach out to one here in Kolkata. Here was a master consultant who had led consulting for some of the largest brands internationally, who had headed Design Portals in L&T and likes, who had done his second masters in maintenance from Manchester and then headed consultancy for the same and yet, a decidedly unassuming gentleman to top it all off! Well, as time passed, we have come to receive his par excellence reviews and feedback as THE industry expert in his multiple domains from across the Indian industry. We have come to know that he had trained the CII Experts when they were mostly dabblers in TPM, we have seen him as the Master Designer who almost totally lacks fiscal motivation, having been there and done it all, the leader who leads democratically, the Organisational Educationist who designs solutions holistically, the master consultant who is hardly understood and even less appreciated by his peers amongst he stands unequaled. We have learned to respect his vast knowledge across domains, and learned to follow him as a mentor for industries, for individuals, for all entities who crave development. An exceptional professional, and more exceptional human being.”

Satrajit Sanyal, Sustainability Evangelist, and Business Efficiency Coach

11. “Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for your valuable time & inputs.

We were privileged to have had you at our campus and all the participants in the training session got enlightened and benefited out of your vast experience and knowledge of RCA. The session will definitely bring a turn around in carrying out the method of RCA.

Request your continuous association in the future.

Rajesh Luhadia
Unit Head, Chandheriya, HZL

12. “Dear Sir,

Thanks a lot as an NTPC employee and great salutation to my Vibration Guru.

V K Rastogi
Addl General Manager (NTPC, Sipat)
20th October 2016

13. “Your certification courses on Vibration Analysis, Level 2 and Level 3 are highly sought after courses in NTPC and without doubt, they are way better than other existing courses available in the market.”

A. Shukla,
Additional General Manager (NTPC, Power Management Institute), August 2015

14. “Dear Sir,

First I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you to conduct a difficult & complex subject program (“Solving Machinery Problem through Vibration Analysis”) in a very simple manner. I have been working in Environment department for the last three and half years; having no involvement with technical work; but now, after attending this training program, I am able to solve a complex problem through simple techniques learned during the program.”

G Choudhury
Senior Manager, NTPC
September 2018
15. “I know the word “Passion”. For that matter, we know so many words. But they are known as words and their meanings, sometimes take a lifetime to understand. What you are doing is Passion. It has crossed all barriers of time, money, expectations etc and a journey towards undefined Goal because the Goal is something achievable.

Very few people with a holistic knowledge and holistic approach are available in India.
…. It was a great association with you on this subject. Problem-solving is your natural skill. You are a real engineer…”
R L Deshmukh
VP (Tech), Aditya Birla

16. “ are such a person, sir, that no one can forgot… an engineer,,,,, as a trainer and as a senior…..” — S. S. Mahapatra, Manager AMIL

17. “I was one of the lucky few who had got the opportunity to work with you. Your thinking proved the traditional blast furnace theories to be totally wrong.” — S. Bagchi, Tata Metaliks, Kharagpur

18. “People with whom you have worked cannot forget you.” — M. Ladha, Sr. Manager Grasim Cement.

19. “I am personally touched by your passion, enthusiasm, and love for the subject. You inspired me to learn more.” – Head, Reliability Group, International Paper

20. “The way you made the difficult concepts of vibration and signal processing so easy to understand through story-telling, was simply mind-blowing.” G.M. International Paper

21. “If you want a theory go to a Professor but if you want to have a real solution backed by the simplest theory go to him.” – Dr. Ian Kennedy, WM Engineering, U.K.

22. “The best resource for improving Reliability in Industries” – Rajesh Kundu, President, HZL

23. “Every page of your report saves me Rs 40 Lakhs” — G.D. S Sohal, Ex-Director, Jindal Steel

24. “You are an expert of experts” – Surojit Dev, Authorized TPM Consultant (JIPM), India

25. “I can share my experience …..when we started our Condition Monitoring Cell under the guidance of Mr. De at Belur plant of INDAL (now HINDALCO)…. (in the year 2004) we used to follow the basic and simplest techniques of Vibration analysis, Triobology and Thermography.

We focused on trend analysis and received tremendous success within a few months.”

Saikat Basu
Sr. Manager-Service & Installation- Premier Irrigation Adritec Pvt. Ltd. 2020

26. “Dear Mr De
The phenomena you could detect is definitely unique. I was fortunate to experience one such occurance during initial days of my professional life in raw mill gear box of vertical roller mill having 5000 tpd capacity. Where in jacking oil pumps were getting switched off before the requisite speed to have hydrodynamic film gets formed.
You are wizard in Mechacal Engineering as such. The modification in block mill gear box shaft design and practically achieving zero failure there after was even adopted by the World class OEM Like Danieli was one such case out of many, in which I have been part of your team, who learnt a lot from you.
People like you make every one feel that Engineer’s are important, else most of the Engineer’s are dignified supervisors, who could speak English, make power point presentation and operate computer.
A lot to learn from you.”

Praveen Kumar Singh, MD and CEO, IPP Group, 2021