More than 270 challenging engagements are listed below (starting from the most recent engagement to 1998).

Productivity, Profitability and Performance Improvement through improvement in Equipment Reliability is our niche area of expertise.

Each engagement has produced high impact on operational effectiveness (measurable) for our clients

Our solutions are such that once our recommendations are implemented, the company gains an on-going advantages for years (improved Reliability).

Such permanent solutions are obtained by removal of inherent ‘imperfections’ and setting the system to equilibrium conditions.

  1. New Project: Creating competitive advantage for a manufacturing unit through IT enabled optimised decision making for production management (creating customised business algorithms & prediction of demand through dynamic simulation).Phase 1 – July 2022 to May 2023. Organic Chemicals. Ongoing.. Expected to be completed by May 2023
  2. Failure analysis of shaft and bearing breakage for a large process plant, May 2023
  3. Upcoming — a public seminar on Improving Equipment Reliability of Process Industries, Jan 2023
  4. Upcoming — A training course on Vibration Analysis for an Aluminium plant, Jan 2023
  5. Conducted interviews for selection of candidates for the post of Asst Mgr Production, Dec 2022
  6. Conducted an online training program on CBM for a Super Thermal Power Plant, Nov 2022.
  7. Conducted a continuing course on Maintenance, Reliability & Design – Part 1, 10/9/2022
  8. Conducted an online program on Reliability Assessment, CBM & Techniques for Indian Army Military Academy, Secunderabad, 30th August 2022.
  9. Completed an engagement on Problem formulation for improving profitability of a manufacturing plant, July 2022.
  10. A 2 Day workshop on Reliability & CBM — Aluminium Plant, June 2022.
  11. Probabilistic assessment of Residual life of critical anti-friction bearings, Cement, April 2022.
  12. Design of Material for a Furnance component, Mining & Metals, March 2022. See the details here
  13. Root Cause Analysis of complex vibration of Primary Air Fan of a Super Thermal Power Plant, March 2022.
  14. Forensic Due Diligence Assessment of Physical Assets during M&A for a MNC (manufacturing), March 2022.
  15. Conducted a two day program on TPM — its structure and its effect for a large Mining company, Feb 2022.
  16. Conducted an online Awareness Program on Reliability Improvement for Top Management of a large cement company in India, Feb 2022
  17. Completed training, facilitation and certification of Category 2 candidates in Vibration Monitoring and Analysis, January 2022 (online mode).
  18. Training Program on RCM, Mineral and Mining, Dec 2021, online mode
  19. RCFA of a bearing failure of a blower, Ports and Docks, Dec 2021, online mode
  20. RCFA of a Fan bearing failure of a Cement Plant (rotating stall), Dec 2021. Online mode
  21. On going facilitation of RCM project for an MNC (mining and mineral) from Nov 2021 (hybrid mode)
  22. Design Review of Roll bearings of a 4 high Rolling Mill, Plastic industry, Nov 2021, Online mode
  23. RCFA of frequent breakage of bolts of a Flute Former machine – Plastic Industry, Nov 2021, Online mode.
  24. RCFA of frequent failure of high KW Motor bearing for a large chemical plant, Senegal, October 2021. (Rotor Internal Damping Instability). Online mode
  25. RCA of high vibration of Kiln Feed elevator, Sept, 2021, online mode
  26. Vibration Certification (Level II) — Sept 2021, online mode.
  27. Design Review and Audit of a new Contamination Sorter before procurement for a major Fibre Plant, June 2021 – Online mode
  28. Audit of Quality Assurance System for a MNC, February 2021, Onsite mode
  29. Deep RCFA for a multiple problem of a Hydraulic Roller Press of a Cement Industry, January 2021
  30. RCFA analysis of a Roller Press Vibration, Cement Industry, December 2020.
  31. Performance Monitoring and risk assessment of critical units for a major Oil and Gas company in the Middle East in collaboration with a Condition Monitoring Service Provider of UAE. — July 2020 to December 2020. 
  32. RCA for high vibration of a SO2 blower, Zinc industry, India, January 2021.
  33. System Design for Ensuring Product Quality, Mining Industry, India, January 2021
  34. RCA for high vibration of Raw Mill of a Cement Plant, India, December 2020.
  35. Completed engagement on Reliability Improvement of HEMM (Heavy Earth Moving Machinery) of mines. July 2019 to December 2020.
  36. Analysis of 90 MW Steam Turbine and Generator, India, November, 2020.
  37. A comprehensive condition assessment of Centrifugal Compressor of Oil and Gas Industry, UAE, October 2020
  38. Completed a RCFA for an unusual failure of 1000 KW DC Motor bearing, Aluminium Plant, India, August 2020.
  39. Completed Online training on Vibration Analysis for Level 0 and Level 1 for the largest Power Company of India. June 2020 to July 2020. 
  40. Successfully completed the two years of engagement on Reliability Centred Maintenance for a major Process Plant for reliability improvement of Roasters and Mills targetting a financial gain of around Rs 400 Crores. Dec 2017 to Dec 2019. Results achieved as desired by the company. 
  41. Vibration analysis of rotary screw Compressor in power plant exhibiting high vibration on unloading, Thermal Power Plant, Punjab, November 2019.
  42. A workshop on our TDBU approach to management of mobile earth moving equipment. October 2019
  43. A workshop on our PLS3D & IAR methods to generate insights about key issues of a system and key parameters to manage. October 2019.
  44. Vibration Analysis of 2 Steam Turbines, Condensate Extraction Pumps, Induced Draft Fans or a 660×2 Thermal Power Plant, Punjab, September 2019.
  45. A workshop on Plant Leadership and Manufacturing at Mumbai Plant Leadership Summit, organized by Economic Times, September 2019.
  46. Two day workshop/seminar on Reliability Engineering and Management based on RAPID philosophy, of a large mineral processing plant (Aluminum), August 2019
  47. Two day workshop on RCM, Sugar, July 2019.
  48. Solving problem of high vibration of CW Pump, 660 x 2 MW Power Plant, July 2019.
  49. One day top management seminar of RAPID (Reliabiity Improvement) of Plant, Sugar, July 2019.
  50. Three days workshop on Reliability Improvement of Mining Equipment, Mines, July 2019.
  51. One day workshop on RCM (refresher course), Mining Company, July 2019.
  52. Root Cause Analysis of usual vibration of Forced Draft Fan of 600 x 3 MW Power Plant, India , June 2019.
  53. Root Cause Analysis of high vibration of Primary Air Fan and 7 other problems at a 600×2 MW Power Plant, India. April 2019
  54. Application of PLS3D method to group of Failure Modes to determine IAR in order to improve MTBF, Process Plant, India, March 2019.
  55. Kick off — Reliability Improvement Project for Heavy Earth Moving Equipment, Mines, March 2019
  56. Introduction to Plant Reliability Improvement, Steel Plant, KSA, March 2019.
  57. Application of PLS3D method to Failure Modes to improve MTBF, Process Plant, India, March 2019
  58. Consulting — High Vibration of Cooling Water Pumps, Power Plant, February 2019.
  59. Consulting through dialogues for the Facilitators’ team working on RCM implementation.
  60. Conducted a deep dive review session on RCM and its implementation for surface mining equipment for an on-going project, February 2019.
  61. Conducted a review meeting to explore the application of RCM for underground mining equipment.
  62. Conducted a deep dive review session on RCM and its implementation with Senior Management Team of a major Process industry, February 2019.
  63. Conducted a two day Vibration Level 1 Workshop for Plant Engineers, February 2019.
  64. Conducted a day’s workshop on “Improvement of Plant Reliability” to top management team, February, 2019
  65. Conducted a two day workshop on “Revisiting Maintenance as Profit Centre” at New Delhi, 7th and 8th of February, 2019.
  66. Conducted a two day workshop on “Revisiting Maintenance as Profit Centre” at Mumbai, 4th and 5th of Febuary 2019.
  67. Recommended solutions for reducing high vibrations of CW Pumps, Power Plant, February 2019
  68. Conducted a two day workshop on “Human Errors in Maintenance” at New Delhi, January 2019.
  69. Conducted a two day workshop on “Human Errors in Maintenance” at Mumbai, January 2019.
  70. Vibration analysis of a vertical slag mill (longitudinal and transverse vibration getting disturbed through changes in process parameters), Cement Plant, January 2019.
  71. Conduct a training course on Lubrication — Part 1 as a part of RCM project, 1.5 hours, through video conferencing.
  72. Conducted a vibration analysis of cooler fan of a cement plant — online, January 2019
  73. Engagement with a manufacturing MNC to improve upon their Manufacturing Excellence, July 2018 to December 2018. Report of the study submitted and accepted by the client on 2nd January 2019.
  74. Online analysis of a critical Vertical Roller Mill, Cement Plant, January 2019
  75. Monitoring model for Critical Worm Gearboxes, Metals, December 2018
  76. Solving the sudden failure of bearings of Fibre Lime Chip Pump, Paper, December 2018
  77. Solving the strange and sudden failure of Drive End bearing of Lime Mud Filter Vaccum Pump, Paper, December 2018
  78. Conducted a brief workshop on “Revisiting Maintenance as Profit Centre” at the World Class Maintenance Summit, held at Mumbai, organized by Economic Times, December 2018
  79. Designing a lubrication monitoring frequency algorithm and decision matrix, Dec 2018.
  80. Vibration Analysis of a vertical pump-motor set after a Design Out Maintenance Activity, Nov 2018
  81. Comprehensive Wear Debris Analysis of White Metal Bearings of Rod Mill, Mining, Nov 2018
  82. Vibration analysis of Rod Mill Motor vibrations, Mining, Nov 2018
  83. Review of RCM analysis of a DT Pump, Zinc Industry, October 2018
  84. Risk Analysis of retro-fitting a VFD on a critical blower, Zinc Industry, September 2018.
  85. Pattern Analysis of a blower, Looseness of Rotor, Zinc Industry, September 2018
  86. Conference on Reliability Engineering, Aluminum Industry, Renukoot, September 2018.
  87. Pattern Analysis for the simultaneous seizure of bridle roll bearings (10 numbers), Aluminium Plant, September 2018
  88. Pattern Analysis of gearbox failure (torsional vibration and crack development) of Aluminium Plant, September 2018.
  89. Pattern Analysis of Bliss Mill failures, Aluminum Plant, September 2018
  90. Conducted a three-day program on Improving Reliability of Complex systems, Zinc Plant, September 2018.
  91. Pattern Analysis for an Air Blower to find the ‘imperfections’ causing failures, Zinc Plant, September 2018
  92. Pattern Analysis for Auxilliary Cooling Water Pump to find ‘imperfections’ causing failures, Power Plant, September 2018
  93. Pattern Analysis for Primary Air Fan to discover ‘imperfections’. Power Plant, September 2018.
  94. Pattern Analysis of an ID Fan, Power Plant, September 2018
  95. Pattern Analysis of a Water Pump, Power Plant, September 2018
  96. Pattern Analysis of a Conveyor, Power Plant, September 2018
  97. Pattern Analysis of a CW Pump, Power Plant, September 2018
  98. Pattern Analysis of a Clear Water Pump, Power Plant, September 2018
  99. Pattern Analysis of a Water Recovery Pump (ash plant), September 2018
  100. Pattern Analysis of a Primary Air Fan, Power Plant, September 2018
  101. Pattern Analysis of a Conveyor Motor, Power Plant, September 2018
  102. Root Cause Failure Analysis of frequent failure of 10-inch diameter tapered roller bearing of Coarse Seed Pump of Alumina Plant, July 2018.
  103. Root Cause Analysis of high vibration of Motor and Gear Box of Pipe Conveyor of an Aluminum Smelter, July 2018.
  104. Training program (2 days) on Condition Based Maintenance at an Aluminum Smelter, July 2018.
  105. Solving the problem of ID fans (chaotic behavior) and minimizing vibration levels by 24 orders to improve power production, Power Plant, June 2018.
  106. Analyzing non-linear and chaotic vibration of ID fan of Hydrogen plant, June 2018
  107. Analyzing abnormal vibration patterns of CEP Pumps of Power Plant, May 2018
  108. Analyzing vibration of Coal Mill of Power Plant, May 2018
  109. Solving the noise problem of winder gearbox, Mining, May 2018
  110. Solving the chaotic problem of Condensate Extraction Pump, Power Industry, May 2018
  111. Workshop on Industry 4.0 and IOT for Management of Physical Assets, 9th and 10th April 2018, Mumbai.
  112. On-site facilitation for 10 days for on-going RCM project (as listed in Point 1, above). Feb 2018
  113. Vibration analysis of a Vertical Raw Mill of a Cement Industry, Feb 2018
  114. Vibration analysis of Axial flow fan of a Petrochemical industry, Feb 2018
  115. Vibration analysis of ID fan of an Aluminium plant, Feb 2018
  116. Failure investigation into the failure of Boiler Tube bundles, Feb 2018
  117. Failure investigation into the cause of Hansen Gear Box failure of Sag Mill, Jan 2018
  118. 4-day on-site Training Program on Vibration Analysis Level II for Petrochemical industry
  119. On-site facilitation at the site for on-going RCM project (as listed in Point 1, above), Jan 2018
  120. Root Cause Analysis of high vibration of a pulley driven fan, Cause: #looseness #misalignment, Zinc Plant, November 2017, Case number: 143
  121. Root Cause Failure Analysis of sudden failure of a motor, motor bearings, and gearbox & Fan bearings of Alumina Plant, Causes: #instability #wear #improper setting of warning limit # torsion #November 2017, Case Numbers: 138, 139, 140, 141
  122. Reliability Centred Maintenance Sensitisation program – two days – with facilitation, Zinc Plant, November 2017 #rcm
  123. Root Cause Analysis of high vibrations of PT Pumps. Causes: #unbalance #impeller adjustments #misalignment #wear; Super Thermal Power Plant, October 2017, Case Number 137
  124. Cases of CW Pumps 5 and 1 during commissioning, Tripping on High Vibration, Causes in keywords:1) #SelfExcitation 2) #Pre-load 3) #Stiffness 4) #Radial clearance 5) #Slip-stick 6) #Anisotropicvibration 7) #Vibration transmission 8) #Non-linear 9) #Resonance 10) Load on Pad Centre (#LOP); Super Thermal Power Plant, October 2017. Case number 136
  125. Root cause analysis of unusual vibration patterns of Cooling Tower Gear Box: Causes: #viscosity #wear out #loss of #backlash; Zinc Plant, October 2017; Case 135
  126. Analysis of strange pattern of vibration (1/2, 1/3 and 1/5 of Gear Mesh frequencies plus Gear Mesh Frequency without sidebands) and the presence of two natural frequencies of Cement Mill Gear Box; Causes: Wear out, common factors of pinion and girth gear (hunting frequency), spray nozzles inappropriately fitted (either on the gear mesh or before gear mesh), chocked oil spray nozzles, or change of viscosity of gearbox oil, and Gear Mesh frequency within 2.5 times the natural frequency of gearbox, in this case, there were two natural frequencies and the GMF was in between the two natural frequencies (in such cases the sidebands of the GMF vanish). Cement Plant, October 2017. To know more you may click here.
  127. Analysis of the sudden failure of cooling tower fan motor after Preventive Maintenance (regressing of motor bearings): Cause: maintenance induced failure, starting the motor on load (load torque not equal to electromagnetic torque), rotor moves to find equilibrium – rotor shorts with stator – pole burnt. Plus excitation of the natural frequency of motor NDE bearing, which caused complete destruction (crushing) of Motor NDE bearing. Copper Mines, Zambia, October 2017. See more here
  128. Solving critical vibration problem of reversible of an 800 KW DC motor of the winder, Zinc Mines, Causes: 1. Vibration transmission 2, Deflection of Base – distortion of motor body 3. Shorting, October 2017
  129. Analysis of gradually increasing vibration levels of Thaisen Scrubber (1000 KW), Zinc Smelter, Causes 1. Coriolis Effect 2. Negative Damping, October 2017. See more here
  130. RCM analysis of Turbine Gear Box, Power Plant, October 2017
  131. A two-hour presentation to top management on RCM and its benefits, Power Plant, October 2017
  132. Root Cause Failure Analysis of ID fan (axial) of 1200 MW Power Plant. Catastrophic Failure of Fan; Cause: Phase looseness of the motor, Sept 2017
  133. Root Cause Analysis of high vibration of Primary Air Fans, Cause: Pipe Strains, Power Plant, Sept 2017
  134. Condition Assessment of Tacho Motors, Cause: Structural Vibrations, Power Plant, Sept 2017
  135. Condition Assessment of 16 Coal Mill Gear Boxes, Primary factors for accelerated imperfections — Grinding frequency, Interference from other running mills, torsion, Power Plant, Sept 2017
  136. Root Cause Analysis of high vibration of Primary Water Pump, Cause: resonance, Power Plant, August 2017
  137. Root Cause Failure Analysis of an HDO pump, Cause Tribological, fluid viscosity, Power Plant, August 2017
  138. Root Cause Analysis of frequent trips of a Coal Crusher, Cause: Improper settings, Power Plant, August 2017
  139. 2-day Workshop on Root Cause Failure Analysis, Alumina Plant, August 2017
  140. Root Cause Analysis of persistent misalignment an LDO pump for boilers, Cause: Over constrained joints. Power Plant, August 2017
  141. Root Cause Failure Analysis of Blowers. Cause #torsional vibration, Aluminum Plant, August 2017
  142. Root Cause Failure Analysis of Ash Handling Pump, Cause: #bearing #resonnance #reliability, Power Plant, August 2017
  143. Root Cause Failure Analysis of Turbine-Driven Boiler Feed Pump, Cause #humanerror #reliability, Power Plant, August 2017
  144. Root Cause Analysis of high consistent vibration of Primary Water Pumps, Cause: #pipestrain #reliability, Power Plant, August 2017
  145. Root Cause Failure Analysis of sudden catastrophic failure of HFO pump in spite of vibration monitoring, Cause #oilviscosity, #reliability, Power Plant, August 2017. Read more here
  146. Root Cause Analysis of high vibration of crushers, Cause #oilviscosity at operating temperature, #reliability, Power Plant, August 2017.
  147. Root Cause Failure Analysis of circulating water pump, #frettingcorrosion #motor #torsionalvibration #reliability, Alumina Plant, August 2017
  148. Root Cause Failure Analysis of erosion of valves of Slurry Pumps, Cause: #material #momentum #reliability, Alumina Plant, August 2017
  149. Conducted a two-day training program on Root Cause Failure Analysis, Alumina plant, #imperfection #IAR concept #energy flows and changes August 2017
  150. Root Cause Analysis of high consistent vibration of an LDO pump, #reliability, Power Plant, cause: #overconstrained assembly, August 2017.
  151. Root Cause Failure Analysis of multiple failures of a Blower of an Aluminum plant. Cause: #designimperfection, #reliability, August 2017
  152. Solving a complex vibration problem of ACW pumps (vertical) for a 3x600MW Thermal Power Plant, Cause: #multiple imperfections August 2017
  153. Completion of India’s first (July 2017) Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Vibration Analysis of Machines
  154. RCFA of ID Fan (Foundation, Bearing Strain), Boiler Area, Paper, June 2017
  155. RCFA of Cardon Shaft Failure (Lubrication, Plugging), of Drive Gear Box, Paper Machine, Paper, June 2017
  156. RCFA of Supply Air Fan (Characteristic Distance between Bearings), Stabilization System, Paper, June 2017
  157. RCFA of Vacuum Pump (Pipe Strain- pipe acts like a spring), Lime Kiln Area, Paper, June 2017
  158. RCFA of CD Filtration Compressor (Movement of Foundation Sole Plate), Recausting Area, Paper, June 2017
  159. RCFA of 4 Circulation Pumps (Unbalanced Moments, Process temperature too low and cavitation) of Evaporator Area, Paper, June 2017
  160. The case of the unstable vibration of Blower at 3000 rpm (Shaft crack), Zinc, May 2017
  161. One day Awareness Course on Root Cause Failure Analysis, Paper, May 2017
  162. The case of repeated failure (Sand ingress through process material) of the pressure plate of Planetary Extruder, Plastic, May 2017.
  163. Mathematical modeling of self-uncoiling of steel coils (critical threshold angle of end flap) of Steel Plant, May 2017.
  164. The case of frequent loosening of check nut of Pump drive end bearing of CW Pump of Power Plant, May 2017.
  165. The case of a cooling fan that refused to be balanced (the hub of impeller cracked), Cement, May 2017
  166. The case of frequent loosening (every four days) of Pump Non-Drive End bearing check nut, Power Plant, 2017
  167. The case of frequent bearing failure and strange fluctuating vibration pattern of Coal Mill of Power Plant, May 2017
  168. The case of the strange vibration pattern of Smoke Gas Fan of Cement Plant, April 2017
  169. The case of Cooler Fan of Cement Plant (crack in hub/impeller), April 2017
  170. The case of Frequent Failure of a Welding Generator used for Packing System, April 2017
  171. 3 Day Workshop on Advanced Root Cause Failure Analysis, April 2017
  172. 4 Day Workshop and Certification Program on Vibration Analysis, Level 2, at NTPC, PMI, April 2017
  173. The case of high vibration and frequent failure of Axial Flow Fan of a Power Plant, April 2017
  174. The case of strange wear patterns of a Gas Turbine Gear Box, Power Plant, April 2017
  175. Public Seminar (2 days) on Vibration Analysis of Machinery, Faridabad, March 2017
  176. Case unusual vibration of Seal Air Fan, Cement, March 2017
  177. The case of unusual vibration of Bag House Fan, Cement, March 2017
  178. The case of frequent bearing damage of Extraction Fan, Cement, March 2017
  179. RCM consulting engagement (facilitation) for a plastic profile manufacturing industry — on-going engagement from Jan 2017 to March 2017
  180. Conducted a facilitation course on Professional Maintenance and Focussed Improvement for a large FMCG manufacturing unit, March 2017
  181. The strange case of the motor drive end bearings turning in their housing of a Condensate Extraction Pump of a 4000 MW Power Plant, March 2017
  182. Analysis of Steam Turbine Problem of a Power Plant, Jan 2017
  183. Deep Root Cause Failure Analysis of Kiln Motor bearings, Raipur, Cement Plant, Jan 2017.
  184. A two-day workshop on Plant-Wide Reliability Improvement through the NEME process, Bhuj, Cement Plant, Dec 2016. Read more here
  185. One day seminar on Emerging Trends in Condition Based Maintenance, Bhubaneswar, Dec 2016.
  186. Analysis of torsional vibrations of paper machine rolls, Paper Plant, Andhra Pradesh, Nov 2016.
  187. Analysis of abnormal high vibration of a multistage pump, Cement Plant, Chattisgarh, Nov 2016. Read more here… 
  188. Analysis of bearing failure of Condensate Extraction Pump Motor of a 4500 MW Power Plant, Gujarat, Oct 2016
  189. Training workshop on Plant-Wide Productivity Improvement, Rajasthan, Oct 2016. Read more here…
  190. Analysis of vibration patterns before and after modifications of Vertical Roller Mill, Oct 2016, Rajasthan. Read more here.
  191. Study of clam machine of a fibre plant, September 2016, Maharastra
  192. Study of cooler fans of a cement plant, September 2016, Chattisgarh. Read more here.
  193. Training course on Vibration analysis at a power plant, September 2016, Chattisgarh.
  194. Study of Firewater hydrant pumps of a power plant, September 2016, Chattisgarh.
  195. Analysis of Bearing failure of Ball Mill, Alumina Plant, Orissa, August 2016
  196. Workshop on Vibration Analysis based on Complexity Science at Power Management Institute, NTPC, Noida, 2nd to 5th August 2016
  197. Study of the strange behavior of Makeup Water Pump, Super Thermal Power Plant, Chattisgarh, July 2016
  198. Study of the non-linear behavior of Cooling Water Pumps, Super Thermal Power Plant, Chattisgarh, July 2016. Read more here.
  199. Study of the abnormal behavior of Raw Mill of a cement plant, Chattisgarh, July 2016
  200. Reliability Improvement of Bag House, Steel, Orissa, 28th and 29th June 2016. See more here
  201. Workshop on Streamlined RCM at Power Management Institute of NTPC, Noida 21st June to 23rd June 2016. See more here
  202. Reliability Improvement of Primary Air Fan, Power, May 2016, Orissa.
  203. Reliability Improvement of Seal Air Fan, Power, May 2016, Orissa
  204. Reliability Improvement of Recovery ID Fan, Power, May 2016, Orissa.
  205. Full day Seminar on “Solving Complex Problems”, March 2016, Power, Chennai
  206. Root Cause failure analysis of catastrophic bearing cracks, gear pitting, shaft cracks of a large gearbox of a vertical mill. March 2016, Cement.
  207. Reliability Study of failures of a Vertical Mill, Cement, Dubai, Feb 2016
  208. Reliability Study of complex structural failure of bridge pipes of Loesche Vertical Mills, Model LM 69.6 in Jan 2016, Cement (Keywords: Brittle fracture, vibrations, resonance, foundation transmission, coupled oscillations)
  209. Root Cause Analysis and Accident Investigation of a catastrophic failure of the ID fan of a Power Plan. Jan 2016 (Keywords: Corrosion Fatigue, Variable stiffness, Wrong interpretation of vibration signals, a Wrong procedure of balancing).
  210. Conducted a one-day awareness program on the beauty of Vibration Analysis for an Alumina Plant. Dec 2015
  211. Root Cause Analysis of a Sea Water Pump of NTPC, Simhadri Sept 2015
  212. Root Cause Analysis of a complex problem of a blower in a Steel Plant Oct 2015
  213. Root Cause Analysis of frequent failure of Gear Box of a bottling plant. Oct 2015
  214. Root Cause Analysis of a complex Vibration Problem of Alumina Crusher at Utkal Alumina Sept 2015 (structural), Jan 2016 (variable stiffness problem of the rotor)
  215. Conducted a four-day Workshop cum Certification of Vibration Analysis Category II at NTPC, PMI, Nodia Aug 2015
  216. Root Cause Analysis of Pre Former Rolls of Paper Machine at International Paper July 2015
  217. Conducted a 2-day training on Condition Based Maintenance at Sterlite May 2015
  218. Root Cause Analysis of Gear Box of Reclaimer of a Power Plant April 2015
  219. Root Cause Analysis of the complex problem of Boiler Feed Pump, March 2015
  220. Root Cause analysis of a complex problem of torsional vibration of an Axial Fan (ID) of a power plant, Feb 2015
  221. Conducted a three days workshop on Problem Solving Through Vibration Analysis at Hyderabad Jan 2015
  222. Conducted a two-day workshop on Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) at HZL, Dec 2014
  223. Conducted two workshops on Condition Based Maintenance & Availability Centered Maintenance at HZL Smelter & Mines, Dec 2014
  224. Solving the complex problem of Cooler Fan number 4 of JK Laxmi Cement, Raigarh, Nov 2014
  225. Workshop on Vibration Analysis at Sesa Sterlite, Tuticorin, Oct 2014
  226. Designing a new manufacturing facility based on Life Cycle Costing, Airovient, Kolkata — Aug to Sept 2014
  227. Vibration & Reliability Workshop at International Paper, Sept 2014, Andhra Pradesh.
  228. Vibration Certification Cat II at NTPC, PMI, Nodia, Sept 2014
  229. Workshop on Vibration Analysis at Avantha Power, Raigarh, Aug 2014
  230. Solving complex problems of Autogenous Mill of Vedanta Aluminum, Aug 2014
  231. Solving complex problems of crushers of a cement plant Client: L&T ECC, July 2014
  232. Solving a complex vibration problem of cooling water pumps of a Thermal power Plant Dec 2013
  233. Solving complex problems of ingot charging car of Vedanta Aluminum, Odisha, Sept 2013 to improve productivity
  234. Vibration Certification Course Cat III at NTPC, PMI Noida Aug 2013
  235. Solving a complex vibration problem of cooling water pumps of a Super Thermal power plant July 2013
  236. A workshop on Reliability and Risk Analysis at CII-SNCL on 23rd Nov 2012.
  237. A presentation to top management of an Indian multi-national on SOPAL (Self Organized Peer Assessment & Learning) for recruitment on 12th Nov 2012.
  238. An engagement on Prediction and Design of Decision Making with a steel manufacturer from 6th Nov 2012 to 9th Nov 2012
  239. An engagement in selecting interns for design work (technical & management) from IIT Kharagpur & VGSOM on 12th & 13th October 2012. Self Organized Assessment & Learning (SOPAL) would be followed along with an open test.
  240. An engagement on the prediction of complexity with a steel manufacturer – 8th to 11th October 2012
  241. Presentation on Prediction on Complex Organizational Systems for Effective Decision making to an Indian Multi National Company on the afternoon of 2nd October 2012.
  242. Round Table conference on Skill Development at Bengal Club organized by CII Eastern Region on the evening of 28th August 2012
  243. A talk on Cascading Strategies at CII-SNCEL – 3rd National Seminar on Manufacturing Excellence 26th Sept 2012
  244. A breakthrough in short-term prediction of Complex Systems taking Blast Furnace as an example – 11th to 14th Sept 2012
  245. A 4-day workshop & Certification course on ‘Vibration Analysis and Non-Linear Dynamics‘ – 27th Aug to 30th Aug 2012.
  246. Designing a Production System as a Complex Adaptive System including manpower planning 20th to 22nd Aug 2012
  247. A workshop on how to quickly assess and explore the complexity of Human-Machine interface 13th Aug 2012
  248. Design of a Production Incentive Plan based on Complexity Science – 6th to 8th Aug 2012
  249. The case of the Turbine problem for Maharastra State Electricity Board
  250. The case of Cooling Water Pumps for NTPC, Farraka
  251. The case of Autogenous Mill for an Aluminum Plant
  252. The case of Crushers of Cement Plant
  253. The case of Cooling Water Pumps for West Bengal Power Development Corporation
  254. The case of Turbine Problem for Qatar Petroleum
  255. The case of instrument diaphragm leakage for Qatar Petroleum
  256. The case of Ingot Mill for Aluminum Plant
  257. The case of Compressor Problem for Digboi Refinery
  258. The case of Raw Mill problem in Gujarat Cement Works
  259. The case of instrumentation problem in Hirmi Cement Works
  260. The case of ID fan problem in Captive Power Plant of Birla Cement work
  261. Improvement in Equipment Reliability of a Cement Plant, 2010 – 2012 (Major Project)
  262. Improvement in Equipment Reliability of a Cement Plant 2008 to 2010 (Major Project)
  263. Improvement in Production through Reliability Improvement for a Steel Pipe Company, 2009 to 2010 (Major Project)
  264. Seminar on Equipment Reliability at Baharin, 2003.
  265. Productivity and Reliability Improvement through Design for an Aluminium company, 2004
  266. Productivity and Reliability Improvement through Design for a FMCG company, 2005
  267. Improvement of Equipment Reliability for a Cement Plant 2004 to 2006 (Major Project)
  268. Improvement of Equipment Reliability for a Steel Works (Major Project), 2006 to 2008
  269. Implementation of CBM for a Food Manufacturing company, Manutius, 1999
  270. Improvement of Equipment Reliability for a Cement Plant 1998 to 2001 (Major Project)
  271. Formulation of a process for ensuring equipment reliability at the procurement stage, British Aerospace, 1998.
  272. Improvement of Equipment Reliability for a Wire Making section of a Steel Plant, 1998 to 1999
  273. Improvement of Equipment Reliability of a Chemical Plant, 1998 to 2001 (Major Project)


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Reliability Management Consultant Pvt Ltd.

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