Profile of: Dibyendu De

Director, Reliability Management Consultant Pvt. Ltd.

Years in the profession = 38 years of perspiration, deep learning, unconventional thinking

Small achievements: B.E.(Mech) from NIT Durgapur, M.Tech (Machine Design & Analysis), NIT Rourkela, PGCM in Manufacturing Systems and Reliability, University of Manchester, U.K., PGDM (Marketing)

Small un-achievement: Incomplete PhD due to pancreatic cancer

Organizations worked for —  Cementation (Engineer), Larsen and Toubro (Senior Engineer), Indian Institute for Production Management (Deputy Director), W.M. Engineering, U.K (Total 18 years)

Present Organisation: Reliability Management Consultant Private Limited (Total 20 years)

Major Achievements:
1. Pioneered Integrated CBM in India (1990) with L&T (now UltraTech)
2. Pioneered Reliability Improvement and RCM in India (1998) with Aditya Birla (Vikram Cement and few other companies).
3. Worked with more than 100 clients
4. Number of failure cases handled – more than 1000
5. Number of workshops/training held – more than 500
6. Number of people trained – more than 6000
7. Success Rate in Engagements = 99.98%

8. Published one book: Power of See

Major Regret: Never hired by MSMEs

Professional Role: Preferred Advisor for Reliability Centered Maintenance

—  helping clients to take better decisions to enhance Equipment Reliability, Availability, Maintenance Strategies, Quality and Safety

Number of Signature Projects in the past 20 years = 10

The preferred mode of advising: Telecalls, Teleconferencing, Emails, Monthly handholding support, Collaborative Problem-Solving Visits to a site (2 days), 4 Day Workshops, Annual Conferences, Certification Workshops

Focus: Power of Attention, Imagination, Intention, Application of Uncommon Common Sense, Pattern Recognition,  Minimal Intervention for Dramatic Results.

Loves: Engineering, Design of Nature, Art, Economics, History, Literature, Music, Theatre, Movies, and Meaningful Conversations.

Hates: Bakwas (Bull shitting).

3 Best unsolicited Appreciations:


1. If you want a theory go to a Professor but if you want to have a real solution backed by the simplest theory go to him – Dr. Ian Kennedy, WM Engineering, U.K.

2. The best resource for improving Reliability in Industries – Rajesh Kundu, President, HZL

3. Every page of your report saves me Rs 40 Lakhs — G.D. S Sohal, Ex-Director, Jindal Steel

Dibyendu De
Reliability Management Consultant Pvt Ltd.
Phone:  +91 9836466678


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