Profile of: Dibyendu De

Director, Reliability Management Consultant Pvt. Ltd.

Focus Area:

Industry 4.0 – Reliability Improvement of Plant and Equipment – Productivity, Performance and Profitability


Dibyendu spent 37 years of his professional life in the study of failure modes and failure mechanisms of equipment so as to bring about measurable improvements in Productivity, Performance and Profitability of manufacturing industries through better management of equipment life cycle costs by minimizing both consequences of failures and failure rates.

His areas of focus are: 1) Reliability Centered Maintenance 2) Root Cause Failure Analysis 3) Vibration Analysis and Condition Based Maintenance 4) Design Out Maintenance

For the past 27 years he pioneered the concepts of CBM, Vibration Analysis, WDA, Thermal Imaging, CMMS, RCM, for Indian industries, which notably changed both engineering & management practices in the country.

Through consulting engagement and training he facilitated many of the best in class manufacturing industries in their reliability journey to improve their Productivity, reduce Costs and achieve the desired business results.

He started his career as Maintenance Engineer of Cemindia (a subsidiary of Cementation U.K) moving onto as Application Engineer of Larsen and Toubro Ltd before becoming the Deputy Director of Indian Institute for Production Management. Thereafter, he worked as a visiting consultant for the University of Manchester, U.K. before opening his own consulting firm.

Presently, he is also the Guest Faculty at IIT Kharagpur in the field of Reliability & Systems Engineering.

He also acted as adviser to two PhD theses — one in the UK and one in India

He is the author of the book: “Winning Anywhere – The Power of ‘See” and spoke in many national and international conferences.

He holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from NIT (Durgapur), a Master of Engineering in Machine Design & Analysis from NIT (Rourkela), PGDM in Marketing & PG Certificate in Manufacturing Systems and Condition Based Maintenance from University of Manchester and University College of Swansea, U.K.and a certified trainer from Milton Keynes, U.K.



It is always nice to get unsolicited appreciation for one’s work. But there are some that brings tears of joy in one’s eyes. The following are of such nature:

“Your certification courses on Vibration Analysis, Level 2 and Level 3 are highly sought after courses in NTPC and without doubt they are way better than other existing courses available in the market.”

Additional General Manager (NTPC, PMI)

“I know the word “Passion”. For that matter , we know so many words. But they are known as words and their meanings , some times take life time to understand. What you are doing is Passion. It has crossed all barriers of time , money , expectations etc and a journey towards undefined Goal because the Goal is something achievable.
Very few people with a holistic knowledge and holistic approach are available in India.”
VP (Tech), Aditya Birla
Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for your valuable time & inputs.

We were privileged to have had you at our campus and all the participants of the training session got enlightened and benefitted out of your vast experience and knowledge of RCA. The session will definitely bring a turn around in carrying out the method of RCA.

Request your continuous association in future.


Rajesh Luhadia

Head Engineering Services, HZL

…. It was a great association with you on this subject. Problem solving is your natural skill. You are a real engineer….

R.L. Deshmukh

VP Engineering (Aditya Birla)

“ are such a person sir that no one can forgot… an engineer ,,,,,as a trainer and as a senior…..” — S. S. Mahapatra, Manager AMIL

“I was one of the lucky few who had got the opportunity to work with you. Your thinking proved the traditional blast furnace theories to be totally wrong.” — S. Bagchi, Tata Metaliks, Kharagpur

“People with whom you have worked can not forget you.” — M. Ladha, Sr. Manager Grasim Cement.

“I am personally touched by your passion, enthusiasm and love for the subject. You inspired me to learn more.” – Head, Reliability Group, International Paper

“The way you made the difficult concepts of vibration and signal processing so easy to understand through story-telling, was simply mind-blowing.” G.M. International Paper

Dibyendu De
Reliability Management Consultant Pvt Ltd.
Phone: +91 7044627404 or +91 9836466678


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