Profile of: Dibyendu De
(Reliability Centred Maintenance, Design Out Maintenance, Solving Complex Problems, Through Life Capability Readiness)

Director, Reliability Management Consultant Pvt. Ltd.

He earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering from NIT Durgapur followed by a Masters’s degree in Machine Design from NIT Rourkela and a Post Graduate Certificate on Condition Based Maintenance, Maintenance Management & Manufacturing Systems from the U.K and a Certification on Training from Milton Keynes, U.K.

He has 42 years of experience in Maintenance and Reliability Engineering as a practitioner, consultant and teacher in India and abroad. He pioneered the introduction of Condition Based Maintenance, Design Out Maintenance, Maintenance Management Systems and Reliability Centred Maintenance and Through Life Capability Readiness in India, which changed the engineering practices in India. And has worked with more than 100 clients – the best in class of Indian Industries.

He focuses and specialises on the heart of reliability improvement, i.e. to increase the MTBF of machines and maximise effectiveness of manufacturing systems by solving chronic and complex problems to sustain profitability of a manufacturing organisation. He focuses on the heart of reliability improvement, i.e. to increase the MTBF of machines. He believes that – equipment failure is not an option and traditional maintenance is also not an option to sustain profitability of a manufacturing organisation.

Reliability improvement (increasing MTBF) and sustaining it is done by — a) preventing consequences of failures (avoidance of risks) b) detecting the factors of deterioration c) slowing down the ageing or deterioration process d) maintaining the system near quasi-static equilibrium state.

He regularly facilitates reliability improvement initiatives by solving chronic and complex problems through Design Out Maintenance of process industries through various innovative methods.  

Once the improvements are in place, organizations continue to gain on-going benefits for years.

Major Achievements:
1. Pioneered Integrated CBM approach (Vibration & Sound, Wear Debris Analysis, Thermography, Visual, Work Planning & CMMS) in India (from 1990)
2. Pioneered Reliability Improvement and RCM in India (from 1998)
3. Worked with more than 100 clients
and in that process (through various projects) seen the problems and opportunities of Indian Industries both at macro and micro levels.

Number of Signature Projects in the past 20 years = 10

7 Best unsolicited Appreciations:

1. “If you want a theory go to a Professor but if you want to have a real solution backed by the simplest theory go to him. He has always been able to use outside-the-box thinking to develop innovative solutions” – Dr. Ian Kennedy, M.D. WM Engineering, U.K.

2. “The best resource for improving Reliability in Industries” – Rajesh Kundu, President, HZL

3. “Every page of your report saves me Rs 40 Lakhs” — G.D. S Sohal, Ex-Director, Jindal Steel

4. “What lies behind such spectacular improvements is ‘out of the box’ thinking of a brilliant mind” — Harsh Jha, M.D. Tata Metaliks

5. “You have been such a brilliant coach, mentor, guide and friend that all Engineers / Managers getting in touch with you , gets enlightened. I have plenty of such success stories from my side as well. Your clarity of engineering concept makes you unique and positions you poles apart.” — Parveen Kumar Singh, M.D & CEO at IPP Group.

6. “I admire you because of our out of box thinking. I acknowledge you as one of my Gurus as you have opened up my mind for logical reasoning involving the basic engineering for complex problem solving. I met you in Tata Metaliks during certain projects but your method of looking at problems have amazed me and helped me become a good engineer.” – Sumanta Roy Choudhury, Sr. Manager, Siemens
7. “I can share my experience …..when we started our Condition Monitoring Cell under the guidance of Mr. Dey at Belur plant of INDAL (now HINDALCO)…. (in the year 2004) we used to follow the basic and simplest techniques of Vibration analysis, Tribology and Thermography. We focused on trend analysis and received tremendous success within a few months.” — Saikat Basu Sr. Manager-Service & Installation- Premier Irrigation Adritec Pvt. Ltd.


Dibyendu De


Reliability Management Consultant Pvt Ltd.

Phone:  +91 9836466678

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