Consulting & Training Workshops

  1. Consulting in RCM
  2. Consulting in Reliability Improvement of Plants, Equipment, Process and Products
  3. 2 Day workshop on RCM (Reliability Centred Maintenance). Find more here
  4. Facilitated Workshops on Reliability Centered Maintenance. Find more here 
  5. Deep Dive Root Cause Failure Analysis of Complex Engineering Problems. Find more here and here and here 
  6. Certification Program on Vibration Analysis — Category 1 to 3 (exclusively for National Thermal Power Corporation, India) – 4 days each. Other organizations can join the course with permission of NTPC. (Consulting and Service organizations are excluded). Find more here

Two approaches to improve Plant Reliability. Find more here 

Dibyendu De
Reliability Management Consultant Pvt Ltd.
Phone:  +91 9836466678