When you must leave a team?

When you must leave a team?

The simple answer is when you don’t see your reflection in the team any more.

That is —

a) when no one is paying attention to what you are feeling, thinking or doing.

b) when others are not interested in playing with you — with the ideas you are trying to evolve, new directions you are trying to set.

c) when team members fail to reflect your excitement and joy of creation or the diligence of getting things done.

d) when team mates consistently fail to respond to reality or fail to respond to the weak signals in the environment that would soon grow big.

Leaving teams is as important as joining teams. This is because it is important to stay alive.

Alive or dead organization?

The size or money of an organization hardly determines whether it is great or stupid; alive or dead.

It depends on the people within an organization.

Are they attentive?

Do they have they ability to take risks?

Do they have child like ability to remain open, curious and playful?

Do they have the ability to be happy, free of assumptions and concepts?

These would determine whether the organization is alive or dead.

It all boils down to whether you are alive or dead.