Search 6 — Blaming

We blame people around us.

We blame our parents.

We blame our lovers.

We blame our children.

We blame our siblings.

We blame our spouses.

We blame our friends.

We blame who ever is near us or are interacting with us.

We hardly blame anyone not interacting with us.

Are we in constant competition with those who care to interact with us?

Or do we feel a sense of loss if someone cares to tell us that something isn’t quite right with us?

Do we forget that those who are in constant interactions with us would in some way help us see new ways and point to new directions?

Would that be liberating?

Search 5 – Empathy and Compassion

Empathy and Compassion are closely related but not the same thing.

However, without empathy there is no compassion.

We feel empathy in our bodies. It can only be felt by our bodies and not by our minds. While our minds can sympathize with anything it certainly fails to empathize with anything. Since we can only empathize with our bodies, it can only be felt if we care to go inside ourselves and see both within and without at the same time.

We also feel compassion in the body. Our minds can not be compassionate. Never – because any mind would never stop asking ‘why.’ But springing from empathy, compassion is both a ‘feeling in the body’ and an ‘action through our bodies.’ Again it is not a ‘mind thing’. Trying to be compassionate through our minds is at best an embarrassing effort that leads to delusion.

The Search – 2

Each one of us is an artist.

To realize that – the words of Godard makes sense.

“Three polarities, three contradictions, three paradoxes of filmography :- visual vs narrative, fiction vs documentary & reality vs abstraction.”

Though he was talking about films, it is true for the apparently cold, unforgiving world of mathematics and science.

Take for instance, the famous equation E = mc^2 . It is a narrative as well as a visual. It began from the world of imagination flowing into the strict rationale of science and its documentation. And it portrays a fine balance between reality and abstraction.

So the apparent distinction between the different disciplines like art, science, economics, history and literature is meaningless. There is an artist as a practitioner  behind each of these.

The artist tells us a story through poems, stories, narratives, films, painting, a finely crafted argument, analysis, cold logic, drama, design etc..

We are continually telling our stories and that is what makes our world.

In that way the world and its people are enriched.

What story do you have?

Simply tell it.


By Dibyendu De

Author of #PowerofSee





The Search — 1

Most of us are in an intense search.

A search that begins with engaging with the world and with our selves.

The intention of the search is discovery, understanding, learning and knowing our selves better and better. We start that by engaging with something that attracts us.

Behind all that lies our desire to know our selves better. It is an innate but dogged search for an identity, if there is one – whatever way we choose to engage with the world.

Such a search can be fascinating, frustrating, painful and illuminating.

While engaging with the world, our emotions and cognition come into full play.

At times, they hurt. At times, they make us happy. At times, we shriek with fear.

As a result we start developing strong likes, dislikes, hatred, desires, greed that cloak our real desires and heart’s longing; making the path towards fulfillment obscure and misty. As an undesirable consequence we can quickly get disillusioned and angry with our world and angry at our selves.

It might goad us to prove to the world that we exist. Or it might force us to pretend to be something which we are not. Or we might be pushed along the path of vanity, pride, ambition and passion — mired in deep unhappiness.

We fight with the world. We fight with our selves. We fight with others. This fight would not be over till we find a resolution and come to peace within ourselves.

It might come to such a pass that we might even think of secluding ourselves from society or think of leading a cloistered life or think of total renunciation or even welcome death.

But that is not what the search is all about.

Or is it the only path that we have at our disposal?


To be continued…


By Dibyendu De

Author of #PowerofSee